The colour brown is usually perceived as neutral and natural. Because of this, brown is thought to evoke feelings of warmth and security, while signifying the beauty and importance of our mother earth.
Pre-Primary students at National Public School – NORTH celebrated Brown Day integrated with Chocolate Day on Tuesday, 12th September 2023.
The assembly discussed the significance of brown colour integrated with Chocolate Day by talking about all the brown things they like to eat and play with. Examples like chocolate milkshakes, teddy bears were cited to reinforce concept at age-appropriate level. A song about B-R-O-W-N was sung and the audience happily joined along.
Students later enjoyed art and craft activities in their respective classes by indulging in sponge dabbing to create chocolate cones, bubble wrap dabbing to resemble chocolate bars, pencil shaving craft to create trees.
Colour Days are important as it is proved that early identification of colours helps children to create a cognitive link between visual clues and words.