• Parents seeking admission to NPS NORTH are requested to login to our website https://admission.npsnorth.com/
  • Registration has to be completed by providing the mobile number, e-mail ID and verification process.
  • Application Form link will be sent to your registered e-mail id. Kindly click on the link and submit the application form online with required details.
  • After the application form is submitted, a confirmation letter for the entrance test will be sent to your registered e-mail.
  • The entrance test will be conducted either online or at school campus depending on the pandemic situation.
  • Based on the entrance test result, the admission’s team will organize meeting with our Academic Team for the student and parent (the meeting could be virtual or in person).
  • After this meeting the final admission status will be confirmed for your ward.
  • Kindergarten and Grade I – The student will have to attend an online interaction with the grade teachers.
  • For Grades II to VI – The student will have to complete an online grade – appropriate written entrance test.
  • Kindergarten and Grade I – Age-appropriate assessment based on perceptual, communication, motor, and analytical skills.
  • For Grades I to II – The content from English, Math, and EVS would be covered.
  • For Grades III to VI The content of English, Math, Science and chosen second language from the grade student is presently studying.
  • The printed copy of the completed registration acknowledgement of the school.
  • Hard copy of your ward’s birth certificate.
  • Hard copy of your ward’s last three years report cards (if applicable).
  • If your ward is selected, the admission confirmation mail will be shared within a fortnight on completion of the entrance test and academic interaction.
  • Kindergarten – Education techniques are designed to cater to the student’s required life skills and cognitive development. The best of various educational approaches like Waldorf Education, Reggio Emilia, Glenn Doman techniques to name a few are followed.
  • Kindergarten is a three-year programme Nursery, LKG (K-I) and UKG (K-II).
  • Nursery – The student’s age as on 1st June 2022 should be between 2.5 years to 3.5 years.
  • Grade I- The student’s age as on 1st June 2022 should be between 5.5 years to 6.5 years.
  • Kindergarten – 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM (Physical School).
  • Grade 1 and above – 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM (Physical School).


  • Pre-primary – 28-30 students (with two teachers)
  • Primary – 30-32 students
  • Secondary – 32-35 students.
  • The co-scholastic activities are part of the daily timetable (physical and online school).
  • Physical Education, Sports, Music, Dance, Public Speaking, Art and crafts, Clubs, Special Assembly are few of the activities conducted in the school.
  • The school offers Hindi/Kannada as second language.
    As per National Education Plan (NEP), learning Kannada language is mandatory
  • Grade I – Both Hindi and Kannada language will be mandatory.
  • Grades II-IV – Both Hindi and Kannada language will be mandatory, with a variation –
    – If the student’s chosen second language is Hindi, he/she will learn Hindi at Grade second language level and Kannada at **Beginner level.
    – If the student’s chosen second language is Kannada, he/she will learn Kannada at Grade second language level and Hindi at **Beginner level.

NOTE – **For the students who have not studied the language earlier.

  • Grade V-VIII – The third language would be introduced from Grade V.

     – If second language chosen is Kannada/Hindi, then Hindi/Kannada would be the third language option, which will be taught at Beginner level.

  • The textbooks and notebooks will be provided by the school.
  • The details of the books will be updated on the school parent portal and the website.
  • For KG I, KG II, Grades I – II
    – Notebooks need not to be covered.
    – Textbooks must be covered with plain brown sheet.
    – Stick labels on the top right-hand corner of the textbook.
    – Mention the name of the student and class on the label. The section and the subject will be entered later.
  • For Grades III – X
    – Notebooks need not to be covered.
    – Textbooks must be covered with plain brown sheet.
    – Refrain from using fancy labels.
  • For Uniform, contact ‘Vivek Tailors’ on – 080-23302129 / 6360494990.
  • Shoes for Kindergarten
    -Boys/Girls: Bata Black shoes with Velcro.
    -No sports shoe for Kindergarten.
  • Shoes for Grades I to X
    -Boys and Girls: Bata black shoes with Velcro with regular uniform.
    -Boys and Girls: Bata white shoes with Velcro with sports uniform.
  • Fees should be paid online through school-parent portal.
  • School Transport is available. Please Contact ‘Sam Tours & Travels’
    – Mr. Srinivas  (Help Desk no: 9742076285)
  • The school is monitored through 24 hrs CCTV surveillance, compounded building, lady security guard, security-controlled entry and exit, government mandated Covid protocols.