We are delighted to share an overview of the students’ experience, engagement, and learning during the recent CCA activities centred around the creative use of recyclable products.
Students of Grade I- VII exhibited tremendous enthusiasm throughout the CCA Competitions. Their excitement was palpable as they explored the possibilities of transforming discarded materials into meaningful and aesthetically pleasing artworks. This eagerness to participate showcased a genuine interest in embracing sustainable practices through creative expression.
The hands-on experience of repurposing items sparked imaginative thinking, fostering a deeper connection between creativity and sustainability. Students gained insights into the importance of waste reduction, recycling practices, and the environmental impact of their choices.
Through the competitions, students embraced the chance to express their individuality through their creations. Each piece reflected a unique perspective on the theme of “Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Upcycle ” Fascinating photo frames, wind chimes, bird feeders were creatively designed. Old napkins and newspapers got a facelift by turning into useful and durable items. Grade VII students amazed us with their creativity in converting coconut shells into decorative and useful products with their aesthetic designing.
In conclusion, the CCA activities with recyclable products proved to be a resounding success in terms of student enjoyment, engagement, and learning. NPS-NORTH truly believes that encouraging environmentally conscious initiatives contributes not only to academic growth but such integration of eco-friendly concepts into artistic endeavours makes the learning experience holistic and impactful.