“Participation is not a choice” and it is very visible in pre-primary age group where we see the palpable energy and enthusiasm to participate in all activities
NPS-NORTH too believes in this ideology; if one doesn’t participate, opportunities are lost.
Co-curricular competitions are an integral part of the academic curriculum and carried out throughout the year for all-round development of students. We encourage maximum participation form all our students as it provides immense scope for honing talent, skills and interests of students beyond the classrooms. Having said that, a healthy spirit of competition is inculcated at an early age, to support the thought that Competition doesn’t necessarily mean to be better than someone else.
So, it was time for Round 2 of the CCA held in school, for Grades 1to 3 in November, 2022.
Gr 1 students participated in large numbers in the English Poem Recitation Competition. Each one recited beautiful age-appropriate poems fluently. Some of them used voice- modulation techniques and expressions to lift the entire presentation. The main objective of conducting this competition was to build self-confidence, develop oratory skills and enhance language skills early. It would not be unfair to say, these young learners did outshine the expectations of the judges.
School bags of Gr 2 students resembled mini grocery stores that day as they were participating in the Grain Art Competition. They had bags full of seeds, dals and pulses, green, yellow, red, and black. This competition unleashed their creativity, ingenuity and persistence and deft fine motor skills. The competition was theme based. It was amazing to see the patience these students demonstrated by taking one grain at a time to create astounding flowers in seamless blend of colours.
Gr 3 students were deftly engaged in making a Sock Puppet Competition. They made innovative and attractive puppets using old socks and upcycled materials like waste cloth, old newspapers, ice cream sticks, colour tapes etc. This fun-filled competition also encouraged their craftsmanship and imagination.
The event surely was about creativity and drove home the message that ‘An essential aspect of Creativity is not being afraid to fail!’