Our generation has grown up following the old adage, “Participation is more important than winning” and it cannot be truer in today’s age and era!
NPS-NORTH too believes in this ideology because if one doesn’t participate, they have no chance of winning either.
Co-curricular competitions are an integral part of the academic curriculum and carried out throughout the year for all-round development of students. We encourage maximum participation form all our students as it provides immense scope for honing talent, skills and interests of students beyond the classrooms. Having said that, a healthy spirit of competition is inculcated at an early age, to support the thought that Competition doesn’t necessarily mean to be better than someone else.
So, it was time for Round 2 of the CCA held in school, for Grades 4 to 6 in November, 2022.
Gr 4 had an interesting line up of Mask Making Competition. Several varieties of masks were made that day, ranging from eye mask, face mask, covid mask and more. Even the materials used displayed a large assortment of paper, cloth, plastic, paints, laces, and decorative supplies. Students thoroughly enjoyed the competition and worked with lot of zeal and passion to create different masks. The masks were displayed in the classrooms and students took great pride in exhibiting their artistic work.
Gr 5 created masterpieces of old T-Shirts by indulging in Vegetable Printing Competition. It was a delight to see such a healthy turn-out(pun intended) of carved vegetables. Age old art of block printing came alive in the classrooms with every student intensely occupied in designing and printing their T-Shirts using myriad paints. The joy and satisfaction on their faces was worth it all and the judges indeed had a tough time, deciding which one was better than the other.
Gr 6 had a colourful Rangoli Competition, where dexterity, skill and creativity all had to find a cohesive balance.They were given a blank canvas on which they produced some intricate and complex designs. Few students managed to get more colour on themselves than on the ground, which enthused lot of playful banter amongst the participants. While majority of the participants were girls, it was heartening to see a lone boy take part with equal fervour and enthusiasm. Although it was an individual event, the girls collaboratively encouraged their peers to complete the task in allotted time.