The Cherry Blossom trees, known as Sakura in Japan, signifies the approaching of the spring season and celebrates the Cherry Blossom Festival fondly.
Pre-Primary students of NPS NORTH celebrated the Cherry Blossom Festival integrated with pink colour on Thursday March 7, 2024. Teachers and students were dressed in shades of vibrant pink. A special assembly was conducted, and the significance of cherry blossom trees was presented by the young students. Some students also spoke about different pink-coloured things we find in our environment, especially our national flower, the lotus.
The teacher’s talk segment connected this festival to the pink bloom of the trumpet trees or the Tabebuia trees found in Bangalore during this season.
Students were actively engaged in hands on activity in their classrooms, using sponge dabbing, tear and paste to make attractive cards depicting the cherry blossom trees as a takeaway.