Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, fondly called as Chacha Nehru, was known for his deep love for children, hence to commemorate his birthday, 14th November is celebrated as Children’s Day all over India.
So, was the occasion at NPS NORTH, Bengaluru also. As is customary, the teachers put up a very entertaining assembly for their dear students. It was a whole bouquet of songs, dance, skit and speeches.
Besides enlightening students about the significance of the day, there was a subtle message of sharing and caring conveyed through a mime too. The skit was a spoof on a classroom scenario, which had the young children laughing away hilariously.
The school principal Mrs.Devi S Nair, encouraged all children to read books about Pandit Nehru and the letters written by him to his daughter, Indira Gandhi, during his struggle as a freedom fighter.
The celebrations did not end here, the entire week had been dedicated to a collection drive of unused stationery which the students could drop into collection boxes, kept in each classroom. This would then be donated to underprivileged schools as a token of love from the students of NPS-NORTH. The students contributed whole-heartedly and it was encouraging to see the collection drive turn into a raging success. This was a small but significant attempt to support Chacha Nehru’s vision of modern Indiaand continue his legacy of education for children.
The entire day was spent with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm, enveloping the campus with warmth, love, affection and honouring childhood!!