Christmas is a festival that inspires the spirit of happiness, sharing and caring. A special assembly was conducted by Pre-primary students on Friday, 22nd December 2023, to celebrate this joyous festival. The celebration was integrated with White Day emphasizing a distinctive approach and a global perspective. 

The assembly began with the school prayer. Students were dressed elegantly in white for the celebration. The programme started by sharing the significance of the festival and why it is celebrated. It was followed by an informative skit depicting the scenes of the Nativity of Jesus Christ. Students set up a live crib and also dressed for the role play. 

The Christmas celebrations featured various activities, including carol singing, art and craft sessions where students created holiday-themed decorations, and took them home happily. The dazzling entry of the lovable Santa Claus singing away merrily added to the ecstasy and excitement. Santa visited all the classes to interact and give chocolates.  

In conclusion, the integrated celebration of Christmas and White Day in the pre-primary section was a well-received initiative. It not only brought festive joy to the students but also contributed to their holistic development by promoting cultural understanding and values. The students learned about the values of sharing, kindness, and understanding, aligning with the broader educational goals of NPS NORTH.