The commencement of the CCA competitions for Grades I to VII in the academic year 2023-24 was a resounding success, filled with active participation, great enthusiasm, and healthy competition. The school’s focus on encouraging creativity and originality was evident through the diverse range of competitions and themes.

Since CCA competitions were held in the month of August, the patriotic fervour was a natural magnet and the team conducted it thematically revolving around Independence Day.

On 2nd August, Grade I students participated in a Drawing Competition. The youngest of the learners with maximum interest and involvement. The students demonstrated their imagination and skill through vibrant and expressive drawings portraying the National Symbols of India. It was indeed a tough decision for the judges.

On 3rd August, Grade II students engaged in a Poster Making Competition. The young artists skilfully combined images and messages to create visually striking posters relevant to the topic, “My Country India.’ Creativity and zeal shone through their ardent sketches.

Grade III students took on the challenge of designing Tourist Brochures. They exhibited a keen understanding of aesthetics and communication, crafting informative and visually appealing brochures that showcased various tourist destinations, different states of India. Some of the brochures were so beautifully constructed, it was a visual treat to see them understand layout and presentation so well.

The excitement continued on 3rd August 2023, as Grade IV students competed in a Collage Making Competition. Their ability to incorporate different elements and colours to create meaningful collages was impressive. The theme- Unity in Diversity was depicted in a multitude fashion incorporating the rich culture of our country, through clothes, food, festivals, religion, and a lot more. Students enjoyed appreciating peer work and expressed delight, stepping beyond the realms of competition.

On 4th August 2023, the Poetry Recitation Competition for students of Grade V provided a platform for budding wordsmiths to recite their favourite poems. The event resonated with emotions, showcasing the power of language and expression. The judges were amazingly surprised when few students recited poems written by themselves as originality peaked here. Students were given the freedom to recite poems in English, Hindi or Kannada.

On 5th August 2023, Grade VI students participated in an Elocution Competition, where young students presented their thoughts and ideas. The Public Speaking classes held in school aided the students to captivate the audience with their confident delivery, articulation, and powerful messages. The theme revolving around Independence Day lent a distinctive aura to the whole competition. 

On the same day, Grade VII took part in the JAM (Just a Minute) Competition, a test of spontaneity and quick thinking. The participants demonstrated their ability to speak coherently and confidently on a given topic for one minute. The competition was thrilling to watch, as the students displayed their wit, content knowledge, and creativity in a limited timeframe. The buzzer was almost not welcome when some of them had much more to say. Participants picked chits from a bowl and occasionally few students did ask for one pass, as was allowed by the rules. Judges had quite a few interesting topics ranging from, “G-20, Chandrayan, India of my Dreams, A freedom fighter who inspires me, India- A dream destination and many more thought provoking topics related to India and current affairs.

All competitions adhered to the themes that challenged the students’ imagination and critical thinking, encouraging the students to express themselves creatively and explore new avenues of self-expression. These competitions not only fostered a healthy competitive spirit but also served as a platform for students to gain confidence and showcase their talents, besides being a wealthy resource of peer learning.

The CCA competitions were a testament to the school’s commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals, nurturing students’ talents and passions with excellent communication skills. The 2023-24 CCA competitions highlighted the importance of extracurricular activities in promoting a vibrant learning environment. It undoubtedly served as a platform for growth, learning, and camaraderie among the students, and will be cherished as a memorable part of their academic journey.