The Pre-Primary students of NPS NORTH witnesses a special assembly based on the festival of lights- ‘Diwali’ on Thursday 9th November 2023.
The Diwali assembly commenced with an introduction to the significance of the festival, emphasizing its cultural and spiritual importance. Students and staff actively participated by dressing in vibrant traditional attire.

The Diwali assembly proved to be a delightful and educational event for students as they thoroughly enjoyed the puppet story depicting the story of Lord Rama and Sita.
The puppets hand crafted by our own teachers added a visual and interactive element, making it an engaging experience. The story’s moral values were effectively conveyed, contributing to the holistic development of our students.
The active involvement of students in various aspects of the assembly, from performing songs and dance to expressing their creativity through art, fostered a sense of participation and pride. Nursery students proudly carried back hand painted glitter diyas. KG I and KG II students carried back colourful lanterns made by their own hands in the classroom.

NPS NORTH always believes in delivering a holistic and experiential curriculum for all our students. The positive impact on student engagement and understanding highlights the importance of integrating such activities into our academic calendar.