Education happens best when we are learning to give ourselves the ability to do something we enjoy a little bit better. The journey oflearning is fun-filledwhen it starts from being a novice to an expert. However, retaining the sheen of teaching and learning is more challenging than initiating it.

Being one of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore, we viewmodern teachingas an educational approach that seeks to carve a learning experience ofpreparing our students for the realities of the modern world. A variety of methods have proved effective in this context. Project-based learning, classroom discussion, cooperative learning, and demonstrations, as well as using diverse learning materials are all examples of methods used in adaptive teaching.

Being one of the best kindergartens in Bangalore, our teachers lay the foundation bydecodingthe methods of boosting the teaching-learning process even further. They emphasizeeducating the mind and heart at the same time.And who could do it better than them since they are at the forefront with the ‘cherubic little hearts’! The innovative techniques carved by the teachers themselves are nothing else but proof of their commitment and love for their students.


Some of the methods used by the top CBSE school in Bangalore are novel and out-of-the-box methodologies.These have been invented and adapted by our ever-engaging teachers as these are essential in student engagement.Pass the Good Word, The Erroneous Teacher, Mindfulness Matters, and The Jar of Good Things are a few of the best practices carvedand put to practice by our teachers.These are helpful in making the learning journey more interesting, aid in getting to know the students better,develop a teacher-student bond, and make the student an independent thinker and learner.

Voilà! NPSisone of the best schools in North Bangalore that promises tounleash the academic and holistic potential of the students. The vivacious teachersteach with their heads and hearts to shape not only the future of our country but also shape the shape-makers of tomorrow!