“Field trips are the bridges between classroom walls and the vast lessons of history. They transform ancient stories into vivid lessons for the mind and the heart.”
The primary aim of the field trip to Bangalore Palace was to provide students with a real-world connection to their studies in history, art, architecture and culture, enabling them to witness the grandeur of historical architecture and understand the lifestyle of the royal Wodeyar family.
Bangalore Palace, an epitome of majestic beauty located in the heart of Bengaluru within the Palace Gardens, stood as a testament to the city’s historical and architectural richness. Renowned for its breathtaking architecture and exquisite wooden carvings, the palace offered a glimpse into the regal opulence preserved from the era of the Wodeyar’s. Students explored the palace’s architectural style, noting the fusion of Tudor and Scottish Gothic elements, which sparked discussions about historical architectural practices and influences. The tour provided the students a glimpse into the royal lifestyle and customs of the time.
The trip enhanced their understanding of history beyond textbooks, encouraging curiosity and fostering a sense of national pride and also inspired them to learn more about their heritage.