Wisdom begins in wonder.” – Rabindranath Tagore

 Wisdom begins in wonder. To wonder what light is and to decipher the role it plays in our life is a point to ponder. Field trips play the role of creating a sense of wonder, spark and curiosity to learn about the external world and also provide a chance to explore things beyond the boundaries of academics. Students of Grade VI and VII were sent to Curiouscity Science Centre on 2nd February 2024, Tuesday.

The objective of bringing excitement of doing real science to the growing minds of children was met. Curiouscity Science Centre aims at promoting curiosity and creativity in the use of science amongst the young children; it provided an opportunity to students to experience several educational activities that were related to science. These hands-on and thought-provoking experiments were demonstrated by the faculty at the science center and later each and every student was given an opportunity to try their hand at exploring and experimenting on their own. It was an interactive, challenging yet, a fun-filled outing for the students.

The highlights of the centre were – Presentation on the topic of light, dark room to project the formation of secondary colours with the reflection and refraction effects, a room which conveyed the factual matter of light supporting the ancient scientists in the different discoveries, a corridor which was set up with the 2D standing boards for the students to participate in the crossword puzzle activity, a room that was set with the machineries to experiment on the formation of thunder and light illusion of the landform formation. Thus the Field Trip to Curiouscity Science Centre was platform for experiential learning for our students.