On Thursday, 17th August 2023 the students of Grade I embarked on an exciting field trip to Cubbon Park situated in the heart of Bangalore. This trip was organized as a part of our nature and outdoor learning curriculum, aiming to provide students with a closer connection to environment and an opportunity to explore the biodiversity of the park.
Students set out on the journey early in the morning, accompanied by equally enthusiastic teachers and support staff. The weather was perfect for an outdoor adventure. The bus ride itself was a lot of fun and camaraderie in the entire group.
Once inside the park, the four sections split into smaller teams, each led by two teachers. The park’s expansive layout offered a myriad of sights and attractions to discover with beautifully landscaped flower beds, where students learned about various types of flowers, different colours and patterns and their unique characteristics, and the children were keen to ask questions and learn more.
Teachers shared fascinating stories about the park’s history and its role in the city’s development, in an age-appropriate vocabulary. Throughout the trip, teachers emphasized the importance of conserving nature, significance of avoiding littering, and respecting the natural environment.
After an engaging educational session, everyone settled down for a picnic lunch on the lawns. The children enjoyed their meals amidst the greenery, sharing stories and bonding with their classmates. Post-lunch, students played on the swings and slides for some time amidst squeals of laughter and joy.
The field trip to Cubbon Park was a resounding success, offering students a blend of education, nature exploration, and recreational fun.
Once back in school, students were encouraged to represent their learning and record their observations, through a worksheet to capture their memories and build the student portfolio.