As a part of an experiential curriculum, students of Grade II visited the Yelahanka Fire Station on Wednesday 2nd August 2023.
The objective of the trip was to create awareness amongst students about fire emergencies and help line services provided by our community helpers. Students boarded the school bus in the morning with wide smiles on their faces and curiosity in their eyes, eager to learn something beyond the walls of the classroom that day.
Upon reaching the fire station, they were first greeted by few officers who explained to the students about various types of fire extinguishers. This information proved very valuable, as it not only raised awareness but also empowered the students to share this knowledge with their families and friends. They spoke about how to avoid fires, what to do in case of fire at home or school, in a very relevant and age-appropriate manner.
One of the highlights of the trip was the interactive demonstration organized by the firefighters. Water sprinklers and hose pipes were switched on for demonstration. This was met by squeals of laughter and discovering through fun among the young learners. They showcased how firefighters respond to emergency calls with speed and effectiveness yet no chaos. They showed students different kinds of fire equipment, fire engines, and tools used during emergencies.
The children were fascinated by the various tools and asked many intelligent questions too which left the firefighters pleasantly amused.
This experience was an attempt towards making students more responsible and safety-conscious citizens.