The students of Grades I and V went for their second field trip of the term to the Picket Fence Farm on Wednesday November 8th,2023.

While it took an hour to reach the farm, the enthusiasm of the children was worth a watch. They finished eating breakfast on the way and it was a delight to watch them enjoying and sharing!

On reaching the farm, students were organised into different groups to enable smooth flow for the day. Students got a chance to feed goats, ponies, chickens and their kids. They could observe turkeys and geese running around freely.

The students were simply fascinated to see the iguanas and some students also were fearless touch/pet them. Most students preferred petting the rabbits, though.

There was a huge aviary with varieties of conures, African love birds, finches and cockatiels. Students were given bird food to feed these beautiful creatures.

The pottery activity turned out very interesting as every child got to make their own pot which was a takeaway for them.

The students got to learn about the animals and had a great time bonding with them. Teachers too enjoyed this educational field trip which taught our students so much more about animals than what textbooks could.

A trip to the farm also accelerates the growth of a child’s sense of self, as they make sense of their relation to the wider natural world and develop an appreciation for nature. This hands-on experience proved to be an outstanding way to facilitate learning in young learners.