“Field trips provide a window to experiential learning opportunities where students can connect what they are learning in the classroom”.

The Pre-primary students of NPS-NORTH embarked on a stimulating visit to the Million Super Market on 9th and 10th January 2024
The objective of the field trip to a supermarket was to help students explore their choices practically and understand about healthy and non-healthy food.

Students explored the display and arrangement of the grocery store by identifying and observing the various products.
Teachers explained the different sections of the supermarket (fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, toiletry, dairy/frozen food, bakery, canned goods, toys and more) and the importance of different food types and how to make healthy choices.
Students and teachers spoke about the sizes, colour and the way the goods are packed. Students were also shown how to make a purchase at the billing counter, while tacitly teaching them to queue and wait for their turn.
Students excitedly pointed out the food and toiletry brand used by them at home.

After their visit to the supermarket, back in school, the students were given a worksheet with a shopping cart to draw and list a few products they observed in the supermarket. Needless to say, their shopping carts were filled with toys, books and chocolates.
It was yet another fascinating and memorable experience provided by NPS-NORTH to its young learners.