Graduation Day is a cherished occasion, marking the culmination of the dedicated pursuit of knowledge. At National Public School North, we celebrated the transition of our K2 students to Grade I on the 25th of March 2024.
The students beamed with confidence, energy and enthusiasm adorned in their vibrant blue capes, symbolizing their readiness to proceed to the next milestone. The ceremony commenced with a solemn school prayer, setting the tone for the events that followed.
Welcome speech by Deputy Head Primary resonated with warmth, heartfelt gratitude that graciously acknowledged the invaluable support of parents and teachers in nurturing the impressionable minds.Every student was eloquently portrayed as they received the scroll
symbolizing the conclusion of their preschool years. As they solemnly pledged to utilize their knowledge for the betterment of society, a sense of promise and responsibility filled the air emphasizing the importance of their educational experience.
The ceremony culminated witnessing the new graduates beaming with optimism and joy.