The Pre-Primary students of NPS-NORTH recently held a heartwarming celebration of Grandparents Day on Saturday, 23rd September 2023 in the school campus.
The event emphasized the importance of cherishing the older generation and creating lasting memories. The celebrations encompassed a range of activities, including interactive games for grandparents and grandchildren to enjoy such as Frame-It, Paper Artistry, Threaded Jewels, and an engaging “Talent Show” session where grandparents shared their talents like singing, dancing, shloka recitals and more.
The highlight of the day undoubtedly was the captivating performances by the grandchildren. They showcased their abilities through various forms of entertainment, such as songs, rhymes, dances, and fashion shows, leaving the audience deeply moved and emotional. The teachers also surprised attendees with a delightful retro medley performance, singing nostalgic songs that resonated well with the older generation.
Every grandparent was presented with a thoughtful goodie bag containing small tokens of appreciation, accompanied by the heartfelt handmade cards created by their beloved grandchildren. A food truck on-site offered a delicious assortment of snacks and refreshments, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the event.
The reception from the audience, comprising grandparents, and other attendees, was overwhelmingly positive. Many were visibly touched and teary-eyed during the heartfelt performances, and the genuine warmth and love shared between generations were evident. The school’s dedication to celebrating Grandparents Day was met with profound gratitude, as attendees expressed their appreciation for such a heartwarming and meaningful occasion.