Hindi was adopted as the official language of our nation on September 14,1949. Hindi Diwas is celebrated on 14th September every year to instill in us the love for the language and pride in National identity .
To highlight the significance of the most widely spoken language, NPS- NORTH celebrated Hindi Divas by conducting a special assembly. This special assembly was led by students of class IV .The speech on Hindi Diwas was fluently delivered in Hindi .The recital caught the attention of the students by the melodious rendition of dohas by Kabir Das . The role play was held well and appreciated by the audience , the theme showcasing a classroom , conveying the valuable message to avoid procrastination was enacted well . The culmination of the celebrations was marked by the group dance gracefully choreographed to the tune of ‘Hindi, Bharat Maa ki Bindi.’
The assembly concluded with the customary National Anthem.