As rightly quoted by Khalil Gibran- “Life without liberty is like a body without spirit.”
The young scholars of NPS North celebrated the 75th glorious year of independence from British rule on August 15, 2022, with great pomp and splendour.
The first Independence Day, was celebrated with great zeal and zest. The students participated with much ardour. The celebration started with the flag hoisting by the esteemed CEO, Dr Chaitra Harsha and Principal, Ms. Devi Nair. The national anthem was sung to a precision of 52 seconds as practiced by the school during their regular assemblies.
Dr. Chaitra Harsha addressed the young enthusiasts in her lucid and erudite oratory through a story. She ignited the young minds with the thought that patriotism is to be nurtured in our minds everyday through our actions and thoughts. She highlighted the achievements of India in the various fields and thus rising as a superpower. The principal addressed the students and teachers about harnessing the ethos of freedom for individual excellence and contribute collectively to nation building.
The students of grade 5 and 6 anchored the event. One student spoke about the significance of National Flag. The young songsters presented a melodious patriotic song, while the dancers danced gracefully to the tunes of a popular mash-up.
Remembering freedom fighters is a salient part of Independence Day. A vibrant Cosplay of freedom fighters was the spotlight of the celebration. An ethnic walk in the rich baritone of Usha Uthup showcasing our ‘Unity in Diversity’ gave a glimpse of our diverse culture. The program culminated with the vote of thanks and the atmosphere was charged with the spirit of freedom .
Light refreshments were served to the students before dispersal. The whole vibe was very patriotic, passionate, and zealous. The staff had also enthusiastically dressed up in flag colours adding to the ceremonious atmosphere.