Grade 3A students at NPS-NORTH organized a special assembly on Thursday, 28th September on the theme of “International Day of Awareness on Food Loss and Waste” with the objective of raising awareness about the critical issue of food wastage and its impact on the environment and those less fortunate. 
A thought-provoking skit was performed by students to illustrate the consequences of food wastage and the importance of sharing leftover food and water bottles with those in need. The skit conveyed a powerful message about the positive impact of small actions in the lives of others, inspiring the audience to act.
To delve deeper into the theme, several students provided valuable insights on the theme “Reduce the Waste, Feed the Future,” emphasizing the importance of minimizing food wastage for a sustainable and prosperous future. Alarming statistics about global food wastage, highlighting the environmental and societal consequences, which helped the audience realize the gravity of the issue were shared.
The teacher talk segment further elaborated the significance of the assembly’s theme and encouraged students to incorporate responsible practices in their daily lives motivating the students to make conscious choices regarding food consumption and waste reduction.
Overall, the assembly was a meaningful and educational experience that will undoubtedly inspire positive change within the school and the wider community.