“Plastic will be the main ingredient of all our grandchildren’s recipes, if WE don’t say NO to PLASTIC TODAY.”
International Plastic Bag Free Day was observed on 5th July 2023 at NPS -NORTH campus, to raise awareness about the grave and urgent problem of plastic pollution.
Students of Grade VI B depicted the different ways in which our environment is being degraded by the mindless disposal of single use plastic, through a skit. The skit touched upon the insensitive, inconsiderate and heartless activities of human beings that has cost millions of species their natural habitat. The students offered solutions to the problem of plastic pollution and emphasized on the need for urgent actions to prevent further degradation. It was reiterated that to support all other life forms, we need to switch to biodegradable alternatives such as paper bags, cloth bags and other viable products. Students displayed informative banners with slogans like “Be a part of the solution, not part of the pollution”, “Let us wipe out plastic before it wipes us out.”
The teacher talk was informative as she enlightened the young minds about the time line when intrusion of plastic in daily life came as a blessing and eventually it turned into a bane; a grave challenge and nightmare in waste management; cause for soil degradation and eventually even the oceans getting filled with toxic plastic waste polluting water bodies.
The entire assembly aimed at conveying a strong message about the importance of taking adequate and immediate actions in mitigating the problem of plastic. May be the solution is in enforcing complete ban of single use plastic disposables and better waste management.