On the bright and sunny morning of October 27, 2023, the much-anticipated Sports Day Inauguration Ceremony of NPS-NORTH commenced with an air of excitement and enthusiasm. The day began with the school prayer, setting a sacred tone for the event. It was a moment to reflect on the values of sportsmanship as all students and faculty gathered in the spirit of healthy competition.
The march past ensued, with students from each house, Ventus, Terra, Aqua, and Ignis, proudly displaying their unison and team spirit. The synchronized movements and the colourful house banners created a vibrant atmosphere that set the stage for an exhilarating day.
One of the most cherished traditions of Sports Day was the lighting of the torch. The flame burned brightly as a beacon of hope and determination for all participants. The sports oath, administered by the principal, reiterated the importance of fair play and upholding the true spirit of sports.
The school principal delivered a motivational speech, emphasizing the significance of sports in our lives, not only for physical fitness but also for character development, teamwork, and resilience. She enlightened the audience about the four “S” of sports- shram, shraddha, santrupti and shakti.
The younger students took the stage next, with Grade 1 showcasing an impressive drill routine. Grade 2 followed with an energetic Zumba performance, while Grades 3 and 4 wowed the crowd with their aerobics routines in a stupendous formation of NPS NORTH letters while demonstrating their movements and rhythm.
Following these exciting displays, the much-anticipated Tug of War heats began. The competition was fierce as the four houses battled it out for supremacy. Cheers and chants filled the air as each house gave it their all, displaying excellent teamwork, strategy and strength.
The lemon and spoon race for teachers brought a light-hearted touch to the day, as both students and teachers cheered for their favourite house teacher. Laughter and camaraderie filled the atmosphere as the teachers embraced the competitive spirit.
The Tug of War finals were the highlight of the day. The finalists from each house displayed incredible determination and teamwork. After intense combats, Ventus emerged victorious, showcasing their strength and unity.
This day only marked the beginning of many events, races and more for all students of Gr 1-7 in the months to follow and culminate as a final Sports Day 2023 sometime at the year end when once again, NPS-NORTH shall come together to celebrate the spirit of sports and games.