Karnataka Rajyotsava was celebrated at NPS-NORTH on November 20, 2023. It was an enchanting tapestry of cultural magnificence, uniting students and faculty in a vibrant commemoration. The event unfolded with the Principal gracefully igniting the ceremonial lamp, mark of enlightenment and unity.
School prayer reverberated through the assembly hall, setting the ambiance for the occasion. The welcome speech, steeped in pride, eloquently elucidated Karnataka’s historical eminence, evoking admiration and reverence among the attendees.
The classical invocation dance took the stage, weaving a mesmerizing narrative of Karnataka’s rich cultural heritage through graceful movements and expressive storytelling. Subsequently, the tiny tots charmed the audience with an exuberant action song, radiating infectious enthusiasm and youthful energy.
An intriguing highlight emerged as a Koravanji character, symbolizing an ancient tradition of palm reading, engaged the audience by interpreting the palms of esteemed personalities, including the Principal and Deputy Heads, infusing the event with cultural curiosity and tradition.
The fusion dance, a seamless blend of traditional and contemporary styles, enthralled the spectators, showcasing the dynamic essence of Karnataka’s affluent culture.
Teacher’s talk provided valuable insight into the intricate cultural nuances, enriching the students understanding and appreciation.
The celebration culminated with a heartfelt vote of thanks, acknowledging and expressing gratitude to all participants and contributors for their dedication in orchestrating a remarkable event that deepened the collective appreciation for Karnataka’s rich and diverse heritage. The event stood as a testament to the state’s cultural brilliance and the school’s commitment to foster cultural awareness and unity amongst its LEARNERS.