On Wednesday, 9th August 2023, students of NPS-NORTH observed a special assembly where they were educated about something extremely exciting and inspiring – “Khelo India.”
Key information about Khelo India being not just a program; but is an important national initiative by the Government of India, aimed at promoting sports among young children, and nurturing the talents of our future champions. It is closely integrated with the Fit India Movement-a movement that encourages all of us to lead a healthy and active lifestyle through sports and fitness.
The talk emphasized that physical activity is not just about becoming strong and fit; When we play, we make friends, learn to respect each other, and appreciate the value of sportsmanship and many more life skills can be learnt.
Students were enlightened about the digital initiatives, the inclusive approach, success stories and the cash scholarships offered by the government to make this program a success, thereby creating a strong sports ecosystem in India.
The talk concluded on a motivational note asking students to make Khelo India, the mantra for a healthy and active lifestyle. “Let’s be the generation that celebrates sports, encourages each other, and creates a healthy and united India!” In keeping with the motto of Khelo Inida- “Kheloge Kudoge Banoge Lajawaab.”