Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”
Reading is a gateway to learning anything about everything. It helps us discover new things and educate ourselves in all areas of life.
National Reading Day is celebrated to honour P.N Panicker’s contribution and participation in taking Indian literacy to higher levels.
On the occasion of National Reading Day, National Public School-NORTH showed an educational video about P.N. Panicker’s contribution to create awareness amongst its students. Several and various reading activities were conducted across grades for all students. The celebration went on for an entire week, not limiting itself to just one day.
All students read extensively for the whole week. Based on their reading, students completed writing tasks, illustrations, creative expression, speaking about their favourite characters, comparing different genres and styles of writing.
Students enjoyed enacting role plays and using creative props. Younger students enjoyed picture reading and writing short stories with help of picture clues.
The entire week culminated with a “Quiz Mania” conducted for students of Grades V-VII constructed on authors, famous characters and general knowledge revolving around the world of books.
Needless to say, it was an extremely fruitful week with a lot of reading happening. NPS-NORTH aims at continuing this habit in students and not letting advent of technology dampen this love for books the variety it offers and the power of imagination it unleashes.