The Nutrition Week conducted at National Public School- NORTH was a resounding success, aimed at educating about the importance of healthy eating habits at an early age. It was a week-long event, held from 4th to 7th September to celebrate National Nutrition Week in India.
A few objectives of Nutrition Week were to raise awareness among children about the importance of proper nutrition, to encourage children to make healthier food choices, and to involve parents in promoting healthy eating at home. A variety of engaging activities and games were planned throughout the week to achieve these objectives.
Thematic-based storytelling and rhymes helped reinforce the concept in a fun way. Nursery students engaged in a tear-and-paste activity decorating a fruit basket. KG 1 students experienced a Market Day set up in the school where each student was given an opportunity to buy toy vegetables using plastic/paper money. Teachers acted as vegetable sellers and encouraged students to play shop. Students were also motivated to carry paper bags from home, to avoid plastic. KG 2 students carried a healthy snack box and participated in a show-and-tell activity where they explained about the food they carried.
Besides this, a daily menu of fruits, vegetables, sprouts, and dry fruits was chalked out for the students to carry. Teachers too carried a similar menu thereby co-relating with students during meal times.
Nutrition Week successfully achieved its goal of raising awareness about healthy eating habits among young children. Many children expressed excitement about trying new healthy foods and snacks. The week led to increased collaboration between school and home to promote healthy eating.
By fostering a positive attitude toward nutritious foods and involving parents in the process, NPS-NORTH is setting a strong foundation for the lifelong well-being of our students.