Pre-Primary students of NPS NORTH celebrated the harvest festival of Onam on Wednesday 30th August, brimming with the fragrance of flowers and the vibrancy of colours that carpet the ground by making a mesmerizing and beautiful Pookalam. 

The students of KG IA conducted a special assembly to celebrate Onam integrated with Regatta Gondola, an international festival celebrated in Venice. Both festivals are cultural and traditional festivals that celebrate and showcase the unique traditions, customs, and art forms of their respective cultures, attracting tourists and locals alike.

As is customary the assembly began with the rendition of school prayer. The thought for the day shared “Festivals teach us to share joy with each other” was in keeping with the theme of the day. The calendar was also spoken about with reference to day, date, and weather.


Few students presented a skit depicting the similarity of celebrating Onam in India and Regatta Gondola in Venice. Picturesque details and age-appropriate information about both festivals was shared through a power-point presentation accompanied by explanation by the teachers.