Roses are pink,
Flamingos are pink,
Cotton Candy is pink,
And Everything in Kindergarten TODAY is PINK!!!
The colour pink represents caring, compassion and affection. It is a positive colour that inspires warm and comforting feelings.
National Public School NORTH organized a Pink Day for Pre-Primary students on Friday,17th February 2023.The young kindergarteners and teachers came dressed in numerous shades of pink. It was difficult to take one’s eyes off these little pink beauties.
The Pink Day Celebration started with the morning assembly presented by students of KG II. They shared interesting facts about commonly seen pink-coloured animals, flowers, food and objects. This was followed by a demonstration where the pink shade was derived by mixing white and red colours. This was indeed akin to a magical trick for these young learners and their faces showed with glee to see the colours changing. Few girls, brightly dressed in pink dresses danced to the tunes of ‘Flamingo Song’, waving away bright pink pom-poms in perfect rhythm and unison.
All day long, students participated enthusiastically in art and craft activities like colouring flowers in pink hues, motor skills well-honed through the activity of crumpling pink crepe paper and sticking it on a picture of a lotus, making handprinted flamingos in their drawing books.
Needless to say, students enjoyed thoroughly while simultaneously also understood the usage of pink colour in their environment, thus fulfilling the purpose of celebrating the Pink Day at school.