National Public School-NORTH believes in creating opportunities for students to engage in conversation with eminent personalities who are passionate about their work and have excelled in their field of expertise. It is this personal touch that is truly inspirational for students, motivating them to aspire to great achievements and walk their dreams with courage.
Dr. Manish Saxena (Director, SATNAV Programme Office, ISRO Headquarters, Bengaluru) was our special invitee for the day. As the students listened to his journey of space research and ISRO, the excitement and wonder in the room was visible and palpable.
Dr. Saxena initiated the talk by mentioning how space technologies and applications touch human lives in ways that may not be readily visible to us. He enlisted the five pillars of the space research program. Dr. Saxena interspersed the talk with interesting facts and posed questions to the students. The students too reciprocated with suitable information to most of his questions, which left him pleasantly surprised. The session became more intense, informative, and interesting when he explained about the recent expeditions, especially the Chandrayaan Series. Students got a firsthand review of challenges and difficulties faced by our scientists while preparing for the Chandrayaan-3 mission.
Dr. Saxena, reiterated the slogan – Nation First, which struck a chord of patriotism in the young learners. He exhorted the students to work hard for national interests through inspiring words of wisdom quoted from Swami Vivekananda’s and Dr Abdul Kalam’s ideologies. He concluded by extending an invitation to student participation in the ‘YUVIKA PROGRAM’ conducted by ISRO to ignite young minds.
The talk was not just inspirational but instilled curiosity in many, while instilling courage in a few to tread and pursue the career path in space research and technology. It opened many windows for re-thinking and re-imagining the dedication and commitment required to be scientists, researchers and futuristic citizens of India.