A fascinating world of colours and even more fascinating is the way each colour is an integral part of our environment. After yellow, red, orange, it was now time for Purple to shine and radiate.
Pre-Primary students of NPS NORTH celebrated Purple Day on Tuesday, 8 th November 2022.Staff and the young kindergarteners were beautifully dressed in shades of purple, violet, lavender and mauve.
Colour recognition was done through a special assembly where many purple objects were displayed and spoken about. One student also demonstrated mixing of red and blue to get the colour purple. Art and craft related to purple like sponge dabbing in a bunch of grapes, colouring brinjals, bud painting for purple flowers were conducted enthusiastically to reinforce the colour concept.
These colour day celebrations lead to an experiential learning for students encompassing holistic education, besides leaving indelible impressions of a fun filled day at school and lovely memories too.