A world without colours is unimaginable!!
Colour, colour which colour do you choose? Ask that to any young kindergartener and its often RED!!Red always stands out in any context it shows up. Be it a red apple, a red rose, a red outfit, or the ever-classic tale of Red Riding Hood, red unflinchinglyturns to be a show stopper.
It was just so for the Pre-Primary students celebrating Red Day on 28th October 2022 at NPS NORTH.
The Red Day celebrations provided a wonderful learning experience to these young learners, right from the morning assembly up to home time. Our pre-schooler’s looked bright and stunning in different shades of red and the whole campus looked vividly happy.
The students narrated a story using stick puppets of different objects which are red in colour. Through the day they indulged in colouring, painting, sticking and bubble printing using the colour red.
They happily chomped on their snack boxes bursting with red coloured food, ranging from apples, strawberries, pomegranates bread-jam and tomatoes, packed by parents.
Colours are indeed smiles of nature. Red symbolizes strength, danger, and love, making it a mysterious yet highly loved shade of colour.
The students went back home, after an enriching learning experience of yet another fun-filled celebration in school and eagerly awaiting for the next one.