The Pre-Primary students of National Public School-NORTH celebrated Independence Day in school on 16th August, through a “Show-And-Tell Activity”. Every student had been given a platform to showcase and strengthen their oratory skills through this activity constructed on the theme of Independence Day.
The students presented wide-ranging topics such as Freedom Fighters of India, Famous Indian Personalities, National Symbols, My Country, and My State Karnataka.
Students dressed in flag colours of India soaking in pride of being an Indian was a beautiful sight. The involvement of parents in spreading the love for our nation was visible when many came dressed up as Chacha Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Sachin Tendulkar, Indira Gandhi, Bhagat Singh and many more eminent personalities. Some students brought flashcards, posters, and images of Karnataka. Few students carried the beloved Tiranga, a lotus flower, toy tiger, and mango to represent national symbols and speak about them. Their confidence and ability to communicate with clarity alongside the information they had about their country, stood out in the presentations.
The day ‘s schedule revolved around various art and craft activities such as painting, fan folding, colouring, cutting and pasting to create the Independence Day craft which they eagerly carried home to show to their families and friends.
The culmination of the daylong celebration winded up on a sweet note with the distribution of sweets and happy wishes. This day being extremely important in the history of India, was well shared with our students instilling in them patriotism and historical awareness about their nation.
After all, as they say Nation First! Always First!!