The students of Grade-3A presented the special assembly on 30th November on the topic of “National Pollution Prevention Day”.On 2nd December of every year this day commemorate the sad memories of the holocaust which is known as Bhopal Gas Tragedy which happened in Madhya Pradesh on 2nd and 3rd December 1984.
As young citizens of India it is vital that students take up initiatives that will enable them to be aware of their role in mitigating pollution.Mindfulness towards our environment was the aspect of environmental consciousness and awareness presented through the special assembly
The quote for the day resonated from Barry Commoner echoed the seriousness of the issue “Environmental pollution is an incurable disease. It can only be prevented”. Students touched upon the three major areas of concerns air water and soil pollution and the impact of it on health of all lifeforms on the planet.
A poem on “Waste and Pollution” was recited conveying the message to each and every one to protect the environment from pollution andkeep it clean. Every assemblyis designed to capture the attention of the audience by giving a visual impact to message conveyed. A scintillating dance performance by students to the song of “Save the planet Earth” with the pictures and props drove home the message that, we have only one planet to live on and it is our responsibility to keep itsafe for all living beings.
The assembly concluded with the student pledge and national anthem.