‘Tinkering Imagica’ the much awaited Carnival, an annual event of NPS-NORTH burst into life with this year’s captivating theme, “The Percipience of Elements.”

On 25th of November, Saturday NPS-NORTH campus turned into a vibrant canvas as students from Grades III to VII unveiled their innovative exhibits, each encapsulating the essence of one of the five elements. Each grade dedicated itself to the theme of learning beyond the textbook. The presentation was an amalgamation of the head, heart, and hands. The students and the teachers worked consistently to soak in the essence of each element and immerse in holistic learning.

Students of Grade III stole the show with their engaging energy and adeptness. They depicted the climatic zones on planet Earth and narrated fluently their understanding of Prithvi. Grade IV experimented with interesting aspects of water coupled with models depicting multi-purpose dams to rain water harvesting to showcase Jal. Students of Grade V besides dwelling on harnessing wind energy , created interesting models of airplane, briefed visitors on aerodynamics, and mitigation of air pollution as responsible citizens, this bringing Vaayu to life..  Grade VI explored the theme of Agni by exploring bioluminescence, the untapped solar energy and thermal energy , their highlight being the  depiction of  fiery characters from literature  in a cosplay  that received rave reviews and attention. Enthused by the success of  Chandryaan the theme of Akash came alive for  Grade VII .Their  proficiency of understanding of  space journeys to space debris , the students presented their content effectively and smartly.

The Nukkad -Natak or street plays by all the classes stole the limelight with their enactment , music and catchy dialogues on the themes of sustainability, conservation and spreading awareness about preserving the elements for the future.

All students displayed confidence and buoyancy while answering the questions posed by the spectators.  Each and every exhibit was evidence to their involvement in the theme. The facilitators of this event were the teachers with their unwavering determination to help their students excel. ‘Tinkering Imagica’ was a testament to the school’s commitment to paving the way for interdisciplinary learning interspersed with a whole lot of fun.