Being one of the best CBSE schools, we firmly believe in a strong relationship between education and happiness.Both factors are multidimensional and complex.Education can have both a direct effect on overall happiness and an indirect one through social and other benefits.It helps in shaping a human being.

Extending from our preschool to middle school in North Bangalore, we lay high importance on the mental and emotional well-being of our students. Although the education ecosystem has restored its normalcy,it is important for us to keep the students’ future ready for unprecedented times.

NPS is considered to be one of the top schools in Yehlankathat gives due importance to tapping opportunities through learning games and making learning more personal and objective. Engaging students on an everyday basis can be a herculean task but we embrace it with open arms. It is our endeavor to instill the best CBSE curriculum valueslike integrity, excellence, compassion, commitment, self-respect, self-direction, camaraderie, perseverance, respecting differences,and diversity among our students.

At NPS North Bangalore we continuously develop innovative methods of teaching with the buzzing creativity of our teachers. This offers ample variety and choice to the students by investing them in rich material. Moreover, by making connections to students’ lives and bringing some fun and excitement into the classroom, our teachers take big strides in engaging the students. The curated activities focus on developing positive mental health, and well-being along with fostering confidence among the students. It includes mindfulness sessions that are divided into storytelling, role-plays, and other expressive forms through activities.

We take pride in scaffolding education for life as it is one of the best investments that pay interest in the coming years!