White colour stands for peace, purity, innocence, light and goodness. The motive of celebrating white day was to make the students recognize and associatecolour white with different objects and understand the significance of the colour.
The Pre-Primarystudents of NPS -NORTH presented a special assembly on Friday, 9th December 2022 to celebrate ‘White Day’. Teaching faculty and the Tiny-Tots of Kindergarten Wing were dressedbeautifully in white and looked angelic.
The Assembly commenced with the school prayer. After invoking the blessing of almighty, the little angels spoke about the significance of WHITE colour and various objects which are white in colour around us.
To associate white colour with white teeth amongst the young learners ofNPS – North. The Management and the Principal had organized ‘Dentist visit – Oral Hygiene’ to the school.
Activities related to White colourviz.,picking and sorting the white colour balls, cotton sticking on theoutline drawing of Polar bear, wool sticking on sheep were conducted enthusiastically to reinforce the colour concept.
This colour day celebrations lead to an EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING in the students encompassing holistic education, besides leaving indelible impressions of a fun filled day at school and lovely memories to cherish!