The students of grade VII-A presented the special assembly on 5th June 2023 (Monday) on ‘World Environment Day. The invocation was done by the rendition of school prayer.
The thought for the day reflected the essence of celebrating the World Environment Day.
‘Connecting to nature means to connect with ourselves. If we do so we nurture a better planet’ Narendra Modi
As is the structure of the assembly, current affairs national, international and sports news is read out by the news team. Following which the significance of the day was read. This year marks the 50th anniversary of World Environment Day and the theme for this year is ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’, the focus will be on solutions to plastic pollution and support a shift to reusable packaging.
Singing theme songs is the best way to pass the message to young learners. A beautiful rendition on, ‘Listen to the animals, listen to the trees’ set the tone and mode for student participation in living out the objectives of celebrating World Environment Day on June 5th.
For expressing the concerns of the world, the class left no stones unturned. A group of fifteen students enacted a mime depicting the effects of deforestation. Placards, with message of – ‘Save Trees, Save Water, Save Environment and Save Earth’ were used along with supporting props for the visual impact. The message given was -If we Wipe out forests, then there will be no rain, no water, no shelter for wildlife, no food and most importantly the deteriorating air and water quality that sustains life on planet.
The teacher speech for the day reflected on small little things that all of us can practice day to day to reduce our Carbon foot prints. The talk also reinforced consciously cultivating habits of reverence and gratitude for nature we can become environmentally conscious citizens of the Earth.
Two minutes of silence was observed praying for families of the victims of the recent rail mishap in Odisha.