A special assembly titled “Adventure Around the World” was held to celebrate World Tourism Day by the students of Grade III B. The assembly was well presented with backdrops and settings depicting a world map, travel-bags and a banner that was in keeping with the theme.
The hosts engaged the audience in a discussion about the purpose of travelling, tourism as an industry that promotes learning about different countries, recreation, understanding diversity and as a livelihood for many. The significance of celebrating World Tourism Day was to emphasize the role of tourism in promoting cultural understanding. 
The assembly took the audience on a virtual journey around the world, which began from the Eiffel Tower to The Louvre Museum’s famous artworks, the Statue of Liberty’s symbolism and the regal splendour of the Mysore Palace in India were the few tourist spots visited by the travellers. Tourists shared their experiences, providing interesting facts and details of the monument visited and the reason behind building these amazing structures. 
The teacher’s talk added more perspectives to the theme for the day, highlighting it’s influence on economy, social changes and cultural impact on all those who travel. The assembly concluded by leaving the audience with a deeper appreciation for travel and tourism.