“Yellow is the colour of positivity, Yellow is the colour of sunshine, Yellow is the colour of happiness and Yellow is the colour of bright new thoughts.” – Rajshree Acharya
Friday, 28th July dawned bright and shining for the Pre-Primary students of NPS-NORTH. Parents dressed the children in lively shades of yellow as the school was celebrating Yellow Day integrated with Friendship Day.
Being the lightest shade in the spectrum, yellow is synonymous with feelings of hope, joy and an indicator of friendliness.
The students of KG 2 ‘A’ conducted a special assembly to celebrate this happy occasion. As customary, the assembly began with the rendition of the school prayer.
A thought-provoking quote set the mood for the day, “He who finds a faithful friend finds a treasure,” reinforcing the bonds of friendship in these young learners.
The assembly continued with a skit depicting how friends help each other in a classroom scenario. It was enacted extremely confidently by the students and was age-appropriate to deliver the message to the audience. Few students spoke about their favourite object that is yellow in colour, like their bag, bottle, toy car and more.
All classes of Pre-Primary then danced enthusiastically to the tunes of “It’s a Yellow Day” to conclude the assembly. Yellow Day and Friendship Day was the theme inside classrooms too where the students were actively engaged in various art and craft activities merging the two concepts.
Students carried back few takeaways like friendship bands and cards to show to their families, waiting for the next colour day and the ensuing celebration.